Sharon Perez

The best start to any design project is to meet on site and we'll talk about your garden. I will talk to you in detail about how you use the space, how much time you actually want to do any gardening, whether it's for entertaining (adults or children or both) and so on. This will give me a clear picture of what your wish list is all about. From there I will come back to you with a design service proposal.

Overall, my intention is that by bringing my design skills to the table, I provide you with a service that is good value for the investment you make in me & the garden.

My work broadly fits into three areas:

* 'Make overs' - an entry level approach which is more focused on maintenance and a good tidy up 
* 'Planting' - the garden is in need of new planting and a general spruce up where the existing garden needs a bit of a lift

The above two bullet points are probably 2-4 days work, depending on the size of the garden & level of refubishment needed.

* 'Full design' - covered by the details below and would be a more extensive project

Following acceptance of my proposal, the work starts: I will measure the garden  (or if it's a really large or complex garden, I'll use a third party surveyor) and produce scale plans of the garden with the outline design. The design will include all layout & hard landscape features and all are hand drawn. Planting plans may be included, depending on what has been agreed at the start.  'Mood boards' will also be presented as these will give you a visual interpretation of the space - a 'look & feel' of the plants & materials to sit alongside the scale drawings. I also bring samples of materials, such as paving stones.

Plans will be presented to you face to face so that I can get instant feedback from you. Client service is really important to me and clear communication between us is really important to ensuring that you get the design & service you love and I can then deliver the plan.

You may wish to use your own contractor for implementing the design work or it can be project managed by me. Separate fees would be agreed for this work but essentially, the work will be tendered out to contractors (who I have worked with before) for quotes and every step of the process managed by me until the last plant is planted.

All design & contract management fees are agreed at the start of the project. My fees vary according to the size & scale of the project and so are not itemised here.