Sharon Perez
Before & After Photos
Before & After Photos

The below gives a small snapshot of how spaces can be changed and are all examples
of Downdale Garden Design work: 

Before & after in Fulham - raised area dug out and replaced with pavers, raised borders and a bench built in too:

Before & after in Ealing - trees cut back, new planting and the addition of a seating area under a pergola, with the shed moved to the side:


Bespoke planters in Chiswick - which look great and create a barrier with the neighbours:


Islington planters and green wall section - great green walls in the City and that essential privacy aspect too:

New trellis, planters and planting to a London garden:


Terrace in Bermondsey - with quite a view:


 North London - new planting from early May including a shady area now full of ferns when before nothing would grow:       



            South West London, before:


           And after - the high wall is now not so obviuos when your eyes look at the red doo. What's behind it?



            A church garden, before:


             And after: